Lamb pine nut flatbread

Lamb pine nut flatbread

Lamb pine nut flatbread is a meal you really must make. Easy, tasty and great food to share, these lamb and pine nut flatbreads have amazing Middle Eastern flavours, as well as great colour and texture. Make them in your oven, or if you’re lucky enough, your pizza oven. No matter how you make them, these are absolutely delicious, and will certainly become your go-to snack when you get the munchies. Best served straight out of the oven, and with a salad, but if you’re a boy, salad is optional.

Lamb pine nut flatbread

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flatbread is a bread made with flour, water and salt, and then thoroughly rolled into flattened dough. Many flatbreads are unleavened—although some are slightly leavened, such as pita bread. Throughout history, many if not most cultures have had foods that can be classified as flatbread. There are many other optional ingredients that flatbreads may contain, such as curry powder, diced jalapeños, chili powder, or black pepper. Olive oil or sesame oil may be added as well. Flatbreads can range from one millimetre to a few centimetres thick.

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